Protecting from Cyberattacks

By Nicholas M. Ilacqua, CPA posted 10-02-2018 04:11 PM


Security threats are growing more aggressively every day and cyber
criminals are getting smarter. The cost of disruption caused by breaches and
the general loss of important data can cripple a business. That’s why security
concerns are now more top of mind for business owners than ever before.


Don’t put your company at risk. Work with TeamLogic IT. We do more than
protect your data—we focus on business protection. Technology can go
a long way to protecting your data yet policies and procedures around
access, securing data, and dealing with breaches must be a part of a
comprehensive cybersecurity plan.

Our approach to security is built around the National Institute of Standards
and Technology (NIST) Security Framework, which guides security
activities and helps assure that cybersecurity risks are part of a company’s
risk management processes. Our services encompass:

Identifying assets (data) that need protection
Protecting your assets
Detecting incidents
Responding with incident and breach actions
Recovering from an incident


As a managed IT services provider, our priority is to deliver the highly
available, secure and flexible IT systems you need to compete in the
marketplace, and cybersecurity is part of that promise. We start by
assessing your environment from a security perspective and can perform
the following types of assessments, based on your business:

Network Assessment
System Assessment
Cybersecurity Assessment
HIPAA Assessment
PCI/DSS Assessment

At TeamLogic IT we remove the day-to-day complexity of securing your
company and employee, financial, and customer information, so you can
get back to what you’re passionate about—your business.

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